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  • Machine de conditionnement d'emballage de masques chirurgicaux MG Tech

    [News] MG-Tech has provided 3 packaging lines of surgical masks

    May 2020 - News
    MG-Tech group supplied 3 packaging machines to box the production of protective masks for the L...
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  • Tracteur pousseur Optimover MG TECH

    [News] OPTIMOVER - The brand of new generation pusher tractors

    July 2020 - Press Releases
    MG Tech develops its offer with the Optimover pusher tractors, 100% eletrical equipment.
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  • Communiqué de presse - Arrivée de Charles Girault en tant que Business Developer MG Tech

    [PR] Charles GIRAULT, new business developer at MG Tech

    October 2020 - Press Releases
    Charles Girault just arrives within MG-Tech group as Business Developer within the MG-Tech grou...
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  • Etude de cas convoyage MG-Tech

    [Case study] Manual packing and conveying of cases to a palletiser

    December 2020 - Case Studies
    Discover our case study on manual packing and conveying full boxes to a palletising solution.
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  • Etude de cas convoyage MG-Tech

    [Case study] Conveying and convergence of packaged pastries

    December 2020 - Case Studies
    Find the solution provided to our client for the conveying and convergence of packaged pastries...
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  • Robot collaboratif EVOBOT MG Tech avec l'intégration d'un cobot

    [PR] MG-Tech integrates cobots on its AGV

    November 2020 - Press Releases
    On the occasion of the Full Robotics day organized by our partner Proxinnov, the MG-Tech group ...
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