AGV & AIV industrial robots

While the industry 4.0 is growing, robots are transforming the future of industries. The automation of load movement helps operators to improve their skills in their missions and train them for future jobs.

MG-Tech offers autonomous industrial robots such as AIV (Autonomous Intelligent Vehicle) and AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) for lifting and towing heavy loads.

Choose the robot that best suits your needs depending on the load weight to be pushed / towed.


  • Collaborative mobile robot - Minibot

    Compact and robust, the Minibot collaborative mobile robot, AGV robot, enables automated movement of loads up to 100 kgs.
    minibot AGV AIR AMR manutention MG-TECH

    Industrial mobile AMR robot - Evobot

    The Evobot industrial AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robot) robot allows the movement of heavy loads up to 2000 kg (in traction or carried) thanks to an on-board navigation system.