Case packers

MG Tech is specialized in the study, design and development of case packers for your packaging lines. Thanks to their high speed, our automated and modular case packers will allow you to gain productivity.

Our case packing machines are 100% French made and can be perfectly adapted to your needs and your production lines.

Discover our range of case packers (top load - boxing in already formed boxes - or wrap - boxing from cutting flat boxes) and choose the one that best meets your needs.


  • Wrap-around case packer

    With a speed of 30 cpm, wrap case packers are recommended for packaging various products from flat case blanks.
    Encaisseuse wrap MG Tech

    Top load multi format case packer

    This top load case packer allows you to pack, at a speed up to 40 cpm, your products in boxes already shaped.
    Encaisseuse top load MG Tech