Wrap-around case packer

Our wrap-around case packer is a space saving “combined” solution allowing both case shaping from flat cardboard blanks, product packing (pots, packs, cases, 3-fold boxes, trays, sachets, Flowpack / Doypack ...) into the cases and closing of the cases. It offers a high performance and efficiency.

This solution is ideal for packing products whose handling is delicate such as trays with lids, cardboard cheese boxes, … In this configuration, products are pushed sideways into the flat cardboard, avoiding a lot of manipulation.

The wrap-around case packers are totally adapted for packing products with reduced clearance, between the case and the products.

The wrap-around case packing solution is perfectly suited for handling a wide range of cases and is particularly adapted for closed cases.

Key figures


Number of case

up to 60


from 4,5 x 1,7


Machine features

  • Storage type: flat or upright
  • Case types: 4 corners glued cases, shelf-ready trays, trays with ledge, stackable cases 
  • Product types: pots, pack, case, tri-fold boxes, bottle, thermoformed/sealed/filmed trays, sachet, flowpack/doypack, blisters…