Encaisseuse wrap MG Tech

Wrap-around case packer

This Wrap packing solution is a high-performance and efficient machine for packing boxes and loading all your products such as pots, packs, cases, 3-fold boxes, trays, sachets, Flowpack / Doypack ...

Suitable for all types of open, closed, shelf-ready cases, this wrap-around case packer is perfectly suited for many activities: dairy, cheese, pastries, salty and sweet groceries, pharmacy, drugstore, ready meals, fruits and vegetables, jams, cosmetics, logistics ...

Very user-friendly thanks to its 12 "screen which guides users and very 4.0 oriented via OPCUA, this case packer has all the available use and operation parameters for maximum optimization of production.

The Wrap-around case packer can be adapted to all your speeds thanks to the use of one or more robots for the storage of products in boxes. In addition, a set of options ranging from automatic format change in less than 30 seconds to IP camera surveillance with recording of sequences allows you to customize the case packers according to your project.

With a robust and modern design, in steel or stainless-steel construction, it has full height access doors at the front and rear to facilitate the work of users.

Key figures

Encaisseuse wrap MG Tech

Number of case

up to 60


from 4,5 x 1,7


Product features

  • Storage type: flat or upright
  • Case types: 4 corners glued cases, shelf-ready trays, trays with ledge, stackable cases 
  • Product types: pots, pack, case, tri-fold boxes, bottle, thermoformed/sealed/filmed trays, sachet, flowpack/doypack, blisters…
  • Other features


    • Large autonomy cardboard magazine with height of 900 mm
    • Intuitive 12 '' HMI screen
    • Full height front and rear access doors
    • Format change kit without tool
    • Visualization of operation by colored lighting by zones

    Customized design

    • Evolutive solution according to production rates, types of products, types of boxes, storage
    • Number and types of robots for product storage
    • Several sizes of machines depending on production rates, products and cases
    Encaisseuse wrap MG Tech
  • Integration of robots for packing

    With its very wide range of robots (Gantry, Delta from 2 to 5 axes, poly-articulated) MG-Tech provides all manufacturers with simple, compact, evolutive and fluid handling solutions.

    Designed to perform “Pick and Place” operations, each robot is equipped with interchangeable tools capable of performing numerous movements: translation, rotation, tilt, etc.

    This agility allows the different MG-Tech robots to adapt to all types of products and to easily store products in the boxes.

    The MG-Tech's wish to use robotic solutions as a priority for loading products into boxes make My Modulo case packers very evolutive to the products and cases of tomorrow.

    In addition, in its developments, MG-Tech has a global vision of end-of-line mechanization needs (batching, loading or unloading of products, on-packaging, etc.). The products and in particular the MG-Tech robots are thus completely adapted to all applications of your production lines.

  • Additional packing functions

    The wrap packing operation can be supplemented with other features specific to your needs:


    • Upstream boxes filling
    • Product control (label presence, DLC, integrity, etc.)
    • Mixing to have several references in the same box
    • Batching


    • Boxes closing (remove a protective cap)
    • Boxes identification (marking or labeling)
    • Full boxes stacking
  • A concentrated technology

    Watch the video and find out more about the benefits of our new wrap-around case packer:

    • respect for case squarring
    • adaptability to many products
    • quick and easy format changeovers
    • Modern and ergonomic HMI