Engagement RSE MG Tech

Our CSR commitment

MG Tech supports its profitable growth on a clear vision of its core business: to design and manufacture reliable and robust machines for packaging lines while providing greater productivity, ergonomics and comfort to operators.

MG Tech feeds its CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility - strategy through open and continuous dialogue with all of its stakeholders. The establishment of an internal working group, including all professions in the company, has enabled us to prioritize our commitments and establish a list of indicators.

  • 3 strategic pillars to guide the Group's actions

    Being an essential supplier gives us a great responsibility towards our employees, our partners, our customers, but also towards the society and the planet. This is why the entire MG Tech group is mobilized around 3 fundamental pillars which form the basis of our CSR approach.

  • Pillar 1: Developing our resources and cultivating our talents


    Taking people into account has never been so important after this anxiety-provoking period with the health crisis. Promoting dialogue with employees while establishing physical distancing to preserve their safety, such was the challenge for our HR teams.

    • Promote equal opportunities
    • Preserve the health and safety of teams
    • Promote cohesion and well-being at work


    Engagement RSE MG Tech - Pillier 1 : valoriser nos cultures et cultiver nos talents

    Pillar 2: Contribute to the development of a united and sustainable society


    Our role as a responsible company is to take part in the development of the territories in which we are established.

    • Participate in local economic development
    • Buy responsibly


    Engagement RSE MG Tech - Pillier 2 : Contribuer au développement d'une société solidaire et durable

    Pillar 3: Reduce our environmental impact


    The MG Tech group targets three major challenges for a more sustainable world: reducing our carbon footprint, promoting the circular economy and managing our waste.

    • Reduce our environmental footprint
    • Design / Innovate for a circular economy
    • Manage our waste


    Engagement RSE MG Tech - Pillier 3 : Réduire notre impact environnemental