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Our CSR commitment

MG Tech supports its profitable growth on a clear vision of its core business: to design and manufacture reliable and robust machines for packaging lines while providing greater productivity, ergonomics and comfort to operators.

MG Tech feeds its CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility - strategy through open and continuous dialogue with all of its stakeholders. The establishment of an internal working group, including all professions in the company, has enabled us to prioritize our commitments and establish a list of indicators.

In December 2023, MG Tech conducted a new CSR assessment with Ecovadis. Thanks to the work of the CSR committee all along the year, MG Tech has obtained a score of 53/100. With 3 additional points compared to last assessment, MG Tech has received the "committed company" badge.

  • 5 strategic pillars to guide the Group's actions

    Being an essential supplier gives us a great responsibility towards our employees, our partners, our customers, but also towards the society and the planet. This is why the entire MG Tech group is mobilized around 5 fundamental pillars which form the basis of our CSR approach.


    Governance is the central pillar of a responsible CSR approach. Composed of a CSR committee and the MG Tech directorate General Management, this decision-making body takes into account the interests of the company as well as that of its stakeholders (employees, customers, suppliers, communities, etc.) while fostering a constructive dialogue.

    • Mapping the internal and external stakeholders and considering their expectations
    • Prioritizing CSR issues and assessment of their strategic implications using the materiality matrix
    • Establishing a CSR steering committee bringing together different multidisciplinary skills


    Comité de pilotage RSE MG TECH


    The consideration of Men has never been as important since these past complicated years. MG Tech works on a daily basis to respect the integrity of its employees by fostering human relations, providing the necessary means and resources to carry out their work, while allowing them to progress for their physical and mental well-being.

    • Promoting equal opportunities (training, alternance & internships, gender equality, etc.)
    • Protecting the health and safety of our teams (adapted work tools, regular safety training, etc.)
    • Promoting well-being and cohesion at work (new working time agreement, ability to work from home, internal cohesion day, etc.)


    Journée cohésion MG Tech 2022


    Relationships and customer satisfaction are the core of all our activities. Our customers are major actors in our CSR approach. They are consulted regularly, through various surveys, to measure their satisfaction, but also to gather suggestions for improvement.

    • Measuring our NPS and implement related corrective actions
    • Providing appropriate technical support
    • Being transparent in the relations with our customers (cost, time, quality, data protection, etc.)


    Relations clients MG TECH


    What we consume every day has an impact on the world’s most important and vital ecosystems, and we must act. To protect the world in which it operates, the MG Tech Group has identified three major challenges for a more sustainable world:

    • Consume less energy and make better use of resources to reduce our carbon footprint and protect biodiversity
    • Design and innovate in a circular economy approach
    • Managing our waste responsibly
    • Raising awareness of water conservation among our employees and all stakeholders (Water Family Association)
    Sensibilisation Water Family - JPO Famille MG TECH 2021


    Our role as a responsible company is to participate in the development of the territories and communities on which we are established in order to create a supportive and sustainable society.

    • Favoring purchasing local products
    • Involving our local stakeholders in our activities
    • Encouraging youth employment through internships
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