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Working at MG-Tech means being part of a human-sized company where team spirit, transparency and customer service are at the heart of our employees' activities every day.

Find out about the jobs of our employees who work together every day to help MG-Tech grow.

  • Sales

    Meet customer needs by offering adapted end-of-line packaging solutions: this is the sales team's main objective. The sales staff is the privileged contact for customers, and they are responsible for fully understanding customer issues. They also serve as an interface between the different departments in charge of completing the project (engineering, design, production).

    "Our daily routine is based on listening, understanding and collaborative customer - supplier relationships. All of our successes have come from sharing skills between departments (engineering, design, production, customer service, etc.) and having a common will to offer "THE" solution that will help our clients perform well with their production tools. " Pierre-Alexandre, technical-sales expert

    Engineering Department

    At MG-Tech, the Engineering Department designs a 2D drawing of the proposed solution for a customer (drawing, volume, exterior view…) based on the specifications provided by the sales team. This phase is crucial in facilitating constructive discussions between the sales team and customers. Teamwork is vital in this department.

    "In my opinion, teamwork is essential – asking colleagues for help, taking advantage of their knowledge and experience... A real asset for working at MG-Tech " Steve, pre-project Manager.

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    Automation and mechanical design

    Once the customer validates a project with the sales and engineering departments, the mechanical design department is in charge of making calculations, deciding on dimensions, choosing the right mechanical solution and formalizing it to meet customer needs.

    At the same time, the automation design department defines and creates machine automation programs so the machines can operate (HMI, robotic arms …).

    "Our objective in the automation design department is to offer programs that help customers reduce production downtime to a minimum, facilitate maintenance operations (adding colored LED lights to identify breakdown areas, installing infrared cameras to monitor production…) and therefore increase productivity" Pascal, Automation Design Department Manager

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    Production unit

    Our fitters/set-up technicians are responsible for manufacturing the machine, carrying out in-company tests, installing the equipment and starting it up at the customer site. It is a complete pathway that lets team members see the result of their work in its final setting with the customer.

    "What I really appreciate at MG-Tech is starting with almost nothing (drawings), then assembling the machine little by little, adjusting it to meet the initial need and installing it for the customer. The most important thing is having a desire to learn, enjoying manual jobs and knowing how to work autonomously, generating ideas to find the right solutions when there is an assembly problem, especially on-site with the customer," Fabien, mechanic and fitter/set-up technician


    Customer service

    Our customer relationships continue even after machines have been purchased, and we take pride in being readily available to answer customer requests, provide assistance in the event of a breakdown or problem, and also provide predictive maintenance solutions that reduce maintenance time and analyze flaws quickly … Customer Service also handles the evolution and transformation of existing machines - retrofitting (production changes, technological advances…)

    "When we do machine retrofitting, we're faced with several challenges: limiting production downtime for customers, analyzing machines, adapting to constraints. These factors require ample technical field experience, which helps us make good decisions for our customers. It is also valuable that at MG-Tech, we don't hesitate to consult different departments to share and compare ideas," François, After-Sales Service Technician

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    Standardization department

    The job of the standardization department is to find common denominators among different elements that make up our end-of-line packaging equipment, with the goal of creating equipment that is more standardized. This helps increase productivity, respond more quickly to clients and offer machines at the lowest cost.

    "At MG-Tech, team members are lucky to be able to work independently on really diverse projects, with the trust of colleagues and managers. It's truly valuable to be able to make progress on work in a calm environment, both in the standardization department and in the company as a whole, during cross-functional projects. " Simon, Standardization Project Manager

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    Support services

    The support services (IT, Human Resources, Purchasing, Accounting/Finance, Communication/Marketing, Sales Administration…) are committed to working with and providing their best support to all activities and companies in the MG-Tech Group. As the company grows, there are abundant, rewarding opportunities here.

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