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Full industrial packaging lines

MG Tech is not only specialized in stand-alone packaging machines, but the Group is also recognized for the design and manufacturing of full industrial packaging lines.

The skills and expertise of our various production sites, with their activities and complementary product ranges, allow us to respond to all your end-of-line projects and offer you full industrial packaging lines.

The MG Tech teams are expert in several domains and are capable of supporting you throughout your project:

  • Sales technicians attentive to your needs
  • Two mechanical and automation design offices to build your projects
  • Automation engineers and mechanics to carried out your project
  • Customer service always available and attentive to your requests

As experienced professionals we provide you with complete and personalized answers in the fields of packaging, palletizing and conveying solutions.

We can design and manufacture full industrial packaging lines which combine several functions such as forming, packing, conveying, palletizing, depending on your business and the products you need to pack.