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Over the years, the MG Tech Group has established itself in France and on international market thanks to its know-how, its creativity, its technical skills and the dynamism of its teams.

MG Tech is recognized for its excellent follow-up of customer relations during the different phases of the project and implementation, all means are implemented to respect the commitments made.

International development continues, particularly in Europe and North America, with the opening of new entities soon.

To date, the MG Tech Group consists of one entity in France with three production sites, a subisdiary in Canada and a boilermaking workshop in France integrated into the Group.


  • MG Tech France

    Resulting from the merging of these 4 production sites (MG Tech La Chapelle (85), MG Tech Angers (49), ID Pack (35) and MG Tech Handling (35)), MG Tech France was born on March 01 2023.

    This new entity will simplify the Group's organization for its customers and all of its stakeholders.

    Thanks to this merging, MG Tech France will be able to combine the know-how of the 4 sites and deploy a common offer to provide global solutions. Each site continues to produce its separate equipment, namely conveyor lines, case formers, case packers, palletizers and mobile robots.

    Site de production MG Tech La Chapelle Achard
  • MG Tech Canada

    Since July 2022, MG Tech has established itself on the North American continent by opening its subsidiary MG Tech Canada Inc.

    The objective of this establishment on the other side of the Atlantic is to continue supporting the local sites of large multinational dairy groups as well as those of moderate-sized companies, while attracting new manufacturers.

    In total, the company already has around ten clients on the continent, including Savencia, Nemera Group and Lanthier Bakery (La Fournée Dorée).

    MG Tech ouvre sa filiale à Montréal - Canada