Service clients MG Tech - Retrofit et amélioration continue

Machine retrofit and continuous improvement

Because our machines are reliable and robust, we provide machine retrofit as an alternative solution to a new investment.

Would you need to upgrade your equipment (new implementation, new formats, production rate modification, combination of products…)? Our customer service is at your disposal.



  • To add new format changeovers or include new functionalities to your machine (adding button on the screen, modifying HMI, improving production rates…), we propose to audit your equipment in order to determine the costs and deadlines to realize the modifications. We can retrofit your machine either on mechanical and automation parts.

    It should be noted that sometimes it is more interesting to invest in new equipment. Our technicians will estimate with accuracy and will be able to recommend you the best solution according to your setups.

    Our customer promise underlines the reliability of our equipment. With servicing, upgrading and restoration, we give a second life to your machine.