Etuyeuse MG Tech - machine de sur-emballage

Cartoning machines

MG-Tech cartoning machines are fully integrated solutions (shaping, filling and closing). 2 families of cartoning machines are available depending on the cardboard filling mode:

  • vertical: top loading of the cardboard
  • horizontal: cardboard filling from the side

These machines ensure the packaging of all your products such as trays, pots, bags, bottles, tubes, cans...

Suitable for all types of cases, with hot melt gluing or tuck-in flap closure with or without locking, MG-Tech cartoning machines are perfectly adapted for many activities: cosmetics, pharmacy and parapharmacy, dairy, cheese dairy, pastries, sweet grocery...

The strong point of the MG-Tech cartoning machines is linked to the loading of the products in the cases by robot, so the product flow is reduced to a simple conveyor on which quality control operations can be implemented.

The number of robots for the cartoning of the products is defined according to the desired speed, so the equipment is customized according to the customer's needs.

With a robust and modern design, in steel construction or in stainless steel version, MG-Tech cartoning machines are designed with full height access doors at the front and at the back for easy user access.

Key Figure

Etuyeuse MG Tech - machine de sur-emballage
per minute

Case speed

per minute



Format change (assisted)


Format change (fully automatic)

Product features

  • Case type: ECMA group A
  • Closing type: hot melt glued or tuck-in flap closure
  • Product type: trays, pots, sachets, bottles, tubes, cans, etc. …
  • Other features


    • Large autonomy with non-stop loading magazine
    • 12’’ intuitive HMI screen 
    • Full height access doors at the front and at the back
    • Visualization of the operation by colored zone lighting
    • Guided or automatic format changes

    Customized design

    • Evolutive solution according to speeds
    • Number and types of robots for case filling 
    • 2 models of cartoning machines (vertical and horizontal) according to products and storage within cases
    Etuyeuse MG Tech - machine de sur-emballage
  • Connected machine

    Very oriented 4.0 via OPCUA, the MG-Tech cartoning machines are fully accessible, all the parameters of use, operation and maintenance are organized and available at all times. The optimization of production and technical operations is thus facilitated.

      • Additional functions of the cartoning machine

        The cartoning operation can be completed with other functionalities specific to your needs:


        • Product control (labels, CSD, integrity…)
        • Mixing to have several references in the same pack or straddle
        • Notice deposit


        • Boxes identification (marking or labelling)
        • Automatic case packing