etuyeuse à pizzas

Pizza cartoning machine

MG Tech pizza cartoning machines are fully integrated solutions (box forming, pizzas filling into boxes, and box closing).

This machine provides different features :

  • Round, rectangular, square, triangle shapes
  • With or without carton pad in heat-shrinked plastic film or flowpack
  • Open blank with or without display window
  • Solid cardboard or micro-flute

Poly articulated robots unstack the cardboard boxes from the high-capacity magazine and then form progressively the boxes. At the same time, Delta robots pick and place pizzas into the boxes. The top load box filling enables a delicate handling and the respect of the product.

The strong point of MG Tech pizza cartoning machines is the use of robots to pick and place products into boxes. Thus, a unique conveying line is needed to transfer the products. Quality control tools can be added in the conveying equipment.

The number of robots for the box filling depends on the desired production rate. If you need a production rate at 30 pizzas/min, one Delta robot will be adequate, while if you prefer to go up to 60 pizzas/min, a second Delta robot will be necessary. Our pizza cartoning machine can be totally adapted to the customer's needs. MG Tech can also provide a case packing module to be integrated into our pizza cartoning machine. Also, you will have a combined machine, with low footprint, operating all the end of line packaging functions.

With a robust and modern design, in steel construction or stainless-steel version, the MG Tech pizza cartoning machines are designed with full height access doors at the front and at the back of the machine for easy operator access.

Key figures

Etuyeuse MG Tech - machine de sur-emballage


Product features

  • Box type: square, rectangle
  • Product type: individual pizzas, family pizzas, quiches