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  • MG Tech ouvre sa filiale à Montréal - Canada

    [PR] MG Tech arrives in North America

    June 2022 - Press Releases
    MG TECH, a key player in end-of-line packaging equipment, is launching their North American off...
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    [PR] MG Tech developed a new AMR collaborative mobile robot

    April 2022 - Press Releases
    To meet the growing demands of manufacturers, MG Tech has developed and marketed a new AMR coll...
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  • Etude de cas - Automatisation d'une fin de ligne de conditionnement dans le secteur de la charcuterie

    [Case study] Automation of an end of packaging line in the charcuterie sector

    February 2022 - Case Studies
    Find out the interview with Mr. Desoblin, industrial director at Crystal (Isla Delices brand), ...
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  • Formeuse de caisses Ecobox MG Tech

    [PR] MG Tech launches a new modular and scalable case erector

    January 2022 - Press Releases
    MG Tech, manufacturer of end-of-line packaging solutions, is launching its new ECOBOX case erec...
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  • [RSE] Don de papiers pour financer des projets d'écoles

    [CSR] Donation of papers to finance school projects

    November 2021 - CSR
    MG Tech has set up paper collection bins to finance school projects in the region.
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  • lignes de convoyage MG-Tech convoyeur

    [PR] MG Tech specialist in transitics and conveying lines

    November 2021 - Press Releases
    Our teams are able to offer different types of conveying to best meet customer needs (cardboard...
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