Equipement pose bandeau/cavalier MG Tech - machine de sur-emballage

Wrapping machines

To meet the needs of its customers in terms of over-packaging, MG-Tech offers automatic and specific equipment that will perfectly adapt to the different constraints of the market. Among these over-packaging machines, MG Tech provides two types of wrapping machines:

  • the wrapping machines which enable to completely or partially wrap one or more products from a flat cardboard blank,
  • the sheathing machine that allows you to decorate or gather one or more products from a pre-glued (jointed) strip.

Our wrapping machine is particularly adapted to group or decorate, with a compact cardboard, plastic or glass pots, sealed or thermoformed trays, cheeses, batches...

With a robust and modern design, in steel construction or in stainless steel version, the MG-Tech over-packaging machines are designed with full height access doors at the front and at the back to facilitate user access.

Key figures

MG Tech over packaging machine - wrapping machine
20 to 200
per minute



Format changes (assisted)


Format change (full atomatic)

Machine features

  • Wrap for pot grouping : multipacks
  • Communication wrap on tray : band or sheath
  • Pot grouping by the top: straddle