Service clients MG Tech - Diagnostic et dépannage

Diagnosis and troubleshooting

With more than 2,800 machines in 21 countries, MG Tech has a network of technicians specially dedicated to customer satisfaction. Our customer service provides assistance and expertise to all our customers around the world in order to guarantee them a high level of performance and availability.

For any diagnosis and troubleshooting, we are able to intervene within 24 hours of the request, ensuring minimum downtime of production facilities and giving general information on machines and processes.

  • For faster and more reliable remote diagnostics, we recommend the installation of high-definition quality IP cameras inside your equipment. An operator can control the process in real time and without risk on his display screen. Placed to monitor sensitive areas (format changeovers, gluing station, product gripping, etc.), these cameras can record high-quality videos which will be stored on disk and will help diagnose problems more quickly in the field. Since the video data is available as a historical record, the images and process data can be sent to our customer service for analysis. If the technical vocabulary differs from one company to another, the images have the advantage of providing better understanding, more reliable analysis and faster action plans.

    Coupled with the axis controller, IP cameras can only record faulty moments to increase productivity during the analysis phase.

    MG Tech IP cameras for preventive maintenance