Palletizing machinery

To complete its range of equipment and being able to offer you complete solutions, MG Tech also offers automated palletizing machinery.

From standard to specific, MG-Tech meets all your palletizing needs with adapted solutions. Regardless of the type of boxes or cases to be handled, our palletizing machinery is able to create whole pallets or semi-pallets.

Recently, MG Tech has made its range of palletizing machinery evolved by integrating cobot into palletizers. According to the required production rate and the weight of your cases, you can choose between a standard robotic palletizer or a cobotic equipment. Our expert team is available to provide you the best solution according to your requirements and constraints.

Discover our palletizing machinery and contact us to make your projects a reality.


  • Robotic palletizer

    Our robotic palletizer is an efficient, simple and evolutive palletizing solution designed to handle the production of 1 or more lines, whether the productions are the same or different.