Robotic palletizer

Our robotic palletizer is an efficient, simple and evolutive palletizing solution. It is suitable for all types of packages (open, closed, fragile, heavy, etc) and adapts to all your palletizing constraints thanks to MG Tech's expertise in terms of grippers and robotics. We are used to integrate a wide range of partners’ robots (Fanuc, Yaskawa, …).

At MG Tech, we are able to provide “standard” equipment for continuous palletization of the production line or “customized” palletizer for centralized palletization. Our robotic palletizer is designed to handle the production of 1 or more lines, whether the productions are the same or different.

All our robotic palletizers can be customized according to your location constraints, multiple references, organization and logistics. Some peripheral equipment or accessories can be added to enable pallet wrapping, management shuttles, storage, sorting….

We recommend you a robotic palletizer if you need a high production rate and/or if the weight of your cases to palletize is higher than 20 kgs.

Key figures


Number of arrivals


Palletization height


Maximum pallet dimensions

Machine features

  • Type of palletization: columnar, crossed layers, with or without clearance, with cooling stack, with pallet overhang, etc.
  • Type of gripper: by vacuum, by grippers or by shovel
  • Package gripping: by unit, by row, by layer
  • Pallet management: manual or automatic with conveyors