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  • ETUDE DE CAS - Acheminement caisses vides par AGV

    [Case study] Transfer of empty cases by AGV robot

    November 2021 - Case Studies
    Discover our case study on the transfer from point A to point B using an AGV mobile robot.
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  • Communiqué de presse - Xavier Lucas nouveau directeur général du groupe MG Tech

    [PR] Xavier Lucas, new deputy managing director for MG Tech Group

    September 2021 - Press Releases
    MG Tech announces the appointment of Xavier LUCAS as Deputy Managing Director of the Group as o...
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  • Communiqué de presse - MG Tech sponsorise le skipper Benjamin Dutreux

    [PR] MG Tech sponsors sailing to support Benjamin Dutreux

    July 2021 - Press Releases
    The MG Tech becomes a sponsor of the skipper Benjamin Dutreux for his next three races he will ...
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  • Formeuse de caisses américaines MG Tech

    [PR] MG Tech launches its new RSC case erector

    June 2021 - Press Releases
    MG Tech launches on the market its new RSC case erector. Find out more about its features and b...
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  • Combiné MG-Tech: Formeuse, encaisseuse, palettiseur

    [PR] MG Tech all-in-one combination solution, the packaging machine in less than 6m²

    April 2021 - Press Releases
    The combination machine designed and produced by MG Tech is a compact end-of-packaging line equ...
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  • Communiqué de presse - Solutions MG Tech pour l'aide à la manutention (tracteurs pousseurs et robots collaboratifs AGV-AIV)

    [PR] MG Tech Moove – intelligent handling solutions

    April 2021 - Press Releases
    MG Tech offers transitic solutions to help operators in all industrial sectors (agri-food, phar...
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