Pusher tractors

Robust and powerful, the 100% electrical Optimover pusher tractor allows to push and tow easily loads up to 15 000 kgs. It can be used without CACES certification. This handling equipment provides to operators with more comfort, ergonomics and optimum safety.  

Compact and easy to handle thanks to its power steering, the Optimover pusher tractor allows to meet growing demands from companies wishing improve their working conditions and optimize their workflow for a better productivity.

The Optimover pusher tractor can be used for different applications: warehouses and storage, agri-food, logistics, aeronautics, automotive, pharmaceutical, hospital, rail, aerospace.

This handling equipment is available for sales, rent or pay-per-use (Need & Use service).

Do you have heavy rolling loads to move? Depending on the tonnage to be towed, select your pusher tractor. We remain available to offer you suitable hanging solutions and a whole range of options to meet your needs as closely as possible.