Optimover S pusher tractor

Compact and manoeuvrable,  this Optimover S electric pusher tractor is 100% electrical. It can tow loads from 50 kg to 2,000 kg. Designed to optimize the handling of rolling loads, it helps to improve working conditions. 

The Optimover S/S+ pusher tractor is a must-have tool that can help you increase your company's productivity while reducing costs and work fatigue. 100% electric, the Optimover S/S+ is suitable for all types of applications.

Easy to use, the Optimover do not require any CACES certifications.



Maximum load weight


Available travel speed


Maximum pusher length

Product features

  • Drive motor power: 700 W (Optimover S) and 1400 W (for the Optimover S+ version)
  • Parking brake type: DC brake
  • Type of driving wheels: wide and notched