Conveyor solutions

Products or cases, conveyors allow you to interconnect your equipment.

More than a succession of conveyors, MG-TECH takes a global look at your project. We bring our expertise to complex installations ranging from the integration of ancillary equipment (Identification, quality control) to engineering.

Our own team of automation specialists is in charge of your conveying projects. We are looking for group synergies on complete lines. (Conveying is taken into account from the start of a line project, it is never considered as an added part).

The conveying is at the service of your machines to produce. It must facilitate the circulation of incoming and outgoing products. MG-TECH strives to find and offer you the most compact solutions, in order to be economically efficient but without compromising on the result you are looking for.

We have a wide range of conveyors designed online. If we do not have the equipment that we consider best suited to your project, we do not hesitate to seek it elsewhere, from our partners, always in complete transparency towards you.


  • Case Conveying

    Case handling, whether empty or full, is essential in the industrial sector because it supplies the entire production chain.

    Packaged products conveying & cadencer

    From the 3-fold box to the flexible bag, MG TECH has extensive experience in conveying and cadencer machine, in different environments: extreme temperature conditions (record cold at -25 ° C), clean rooms in the food industry or in the pharmaceutical environment.