Formeuse de caisses américaines MG Tech

RSC case erector

Ergonomics, connected and easy to use

This new RSC case (also called flap case) erector ensures a perfect case shaping and a controlled case squaring.

This equipment has a system of positive opening of the case by opposing suction cups: we pull on each side of the box to eliminate the risk of cardboard's jackniffing. This phenomenon is frequent on square case dimensions and on thin or tiled cardboard cases.

It can also be fitted with an optional system to control the opening and the position of the lower flaps to guarantee their correct folding on all types of boxes.

Completely standardized, format changeovers are simple and easy to perform: no tools are necessary. HMI guidance as well as videos and tutorials are available via the 12 "touchscreen.

The case erector uses a Hot Melt gluing process. It is available in several sizes (small, medium, large) depending on the dimensions of the cases. It is also available in several versions (standard, speed, hi-speed) depending on the desired production rates.

It has been designed to provide operators with comfort, ergonomics and safety, in particular with a cardboard blank magazine located 700 mm from the ground (ideal height for transferring cardboard blanks from a pallet to the magazine), full-height access doors, sensors for the presence of blanks, etc.

This new RSC case erector is perfectly suited to all sectors of activity: agrifood, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, industry, logistics, e-commerce, exports, etc.

Formeuse de caisses américaines MG Tech

Loading height


Capacity (cardboard)


Maximum speed

Product features

  • Magazine type: horizontal
  • Case type: RSC case, flap case (FEFCO 200 range)
  • Other features

    Machine management by a controller

    • Control of Brushless drives
    • Management of all actuators
    • Implementation of more communicative solutions


    3 level for format changeovers (without tool)

    • Manual
    • Controlled
    • Semi-automated


    3 versions available with different production rates

    • Standard
    • Speed
    • Hi-speed


    3 sizes available according to the case dimensions

    • Small
    • Medium
    • Large


    Control panel with 12’’ touch screen

    • Access to the machine setups
    • Videos and tutorials for format changeovers
    • Preventive maintenance
    Formeuse de caisses américaines MG Tech
  • Additional equipment

    Case conveying : conveying system and empty case distribution

    • Downstream implantation
    • Ground, at height or overhead conveying
    • Automated distrubition on case packing stations
    • Adaptad and customized projects


    Top Load case packing

    • Handling of empty boxes by a conveyor to the automated case packing station
    • Possible integration of the former in a combined top load case packing


    Robotic handling solution: AGV-AIV with conveyor

    • Transfer of shaped boxes to an automated or manual case packing station
    • Transfer of empty boxes to a storage area
  • A perfect case shaping

    Thanks to the system of opening by opposite suction cups, our new RSC case erector ensures a perfect case shaping as well as a controlled squarring, no matter the quality of the cardboard is.