Robot mobile industriel AMR Evobot

Discover our new AMR Mobile Robot

Discover our new industrial AMR robot - EVOBOT - allowing the movement and transportation of heavy loads up to 2 tons using an on-board navigation system.

Its main features ?

  • Travel speed up to 7 kms/h
  • Deposit height up to 50 mm
  • 360° safety view
  • Different functionalities: lifting, conveying, pciking, cobot...
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End-of-line packaging line solutions

Specialized in packaging lines, MG-Tech company provides, for food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and industrial packaging activities, a range of case formers, case packers, palletizers, but also offers conveying solutions. The Group has begun a diversification in mobile robotics applications to ease industrial handling operations.


mg tech

An innovative and connected Group

Labelled « Showcase Industry of the future”, the MG-Tech Group has made interconnectivity the foundation of its strategy.

Day after day, we are committed to providing you with long-term support and reliable, evolving equipment that gives you more PRODUCTIVITY, AGILITY and COMFORT.