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[Case study] Transport of pallets by AGV

November 2021 - Case Studies
ETUDE DE CAS - Transport de palettes par AGV

Customer context

  • Transport full pallets from palletizers to a storage area.
  • Avoid manual handling, arduous and / or repetitive tasks.
  • Gain in productivity.

Technical solution

  • Installation of a collaborative AVG (Automated Guided Vehicle) robot capable of towing heavy loads up to 3 tonnes.
  • Addition of a pin attachment system to be able to tow the pallets and a sensotactil drawbar to easily manipulate the robot if necessary.

MG Tech strengths

  • The Evobot robot has a double function: lifting up to 800 kgs and pulling up to 3 tonnes.
  • Autonomous and connected, it is easy to use and adapts to all types of applications.
  • This robot is scalable and can be adapted according to the situation: on-board cobot version, surface decontamination version by spraying disinfectant product, atmosphere purification version...


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