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[Case study] Transfer of empty cases by AGV robot

November 2021 - Case Studies
ETUDE DE CAS - Acheminement caisses vides par AGV

Customer context

  • To transfer empty cases from point A to point B in a busy environment with a heavy flow of people.
  • Environment which does not allow the installation of conveyor belts.


Technical solution

  • Implementation of a collaborative Minibot robot, in AIV (Automated Intelligent Vehicle) version, allowing navigation by mapping, environmental recognition and people detection.
  • Perfectly suited for transporting empty cases from production to a storage area..


MG Tech strengths

  • Compact and robust, the Minibot can carry and move loads up to 100 kgs.
  • This modular collaborative robot is easy to use and can easily be adapted to existing environments.
  • The AIV Minibot robot is ideal for line supplies, recovery of finished products and order picking.


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