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[PR] A new branding identity for MG Tech

September 2022 - Press Releases

MG TECH is evolving and changing its branding identity by adopting a new logo, the second since the creation of the company in 2004. This evolution illustrates the transformation of the group and marks a new step in its history. The new identity has been worked by a French communication and branding agency, Vupar.

Nouveau logo MG Tech 2022

A redesigned spider, a sign of reliability and performance

Directly inspired by the poly-articulated robots designed and manufactured by MG Tech, this designed spider is a strong sign of reliability and performance.

« This new design contributes to the immediate recognition of the MG Tech Group. It shows our ability to master our latest innovations and also to provide the most relevant solutions to our customers.  I’m proud to reveal today a modernized brand and visual identity that characterized the unique personality of the Group, its ambition and its passion” comments Mathilde DEROUET, Marketing and Communications Manager at MG Tech Group.


The meeting as a spotlight in the baseline

The Group’s positioning is centered on smart solutions and is now expressed through the signature “Meet the future of industry”. “A baseline centered on the notion of meeting with our customers, with our future colleagues and also with all our partners and stakeholders. It is a fair balance between our vision and our sensitivity” adds Mathilde DEROUET.


A new global website

MG Tech decided also to merge its two websites, and, into one, creating a new domain name with a more “international” scope:

This website has a multilingual version – French, English, Spanish – which will be the first showcase on the North American continent.