MG Tech automated palletizer

Palletizing island

The Palletizing Island is the MG-Tech solution for centralized palletizing. Effective and efficient, this configuration can accommodate the production of several lines in order to be palletized by a single robot or by several robots.

The palletizing island set is suitable for the constraints of multiple applications: dairy, cheese, pastries, pharmacy, ready meals, fruits and vegetables, cosmetics, logistics ...

Customization according to your location constraints, multiple references, organization and logistics, the palletizing island has a variable geometry, its center is made up of palletizing stations and its periphery can include pallet wrapping, management shuttles, storage, sorting….


Key figures

up to 6

Number of different product arrivals

up to 2200

Palletization height


Maximum pallet dimensions

Product features

  • Type of palletization: columnar, crossed layers, with or without clearance, with cooling stack, with pallet overhang, etc.
  • Type of gripper: by vacuum, by grippers or by shovel
  • Package gripping: by unit, by row, by layer
  • Pallet management: manual or automatic with conveyors