MG Tech automated palletizer


Our palletizer is an efficient, simple and evolutive robotic palletizing solution. It is perfectly recommended for different fields of application: dairy, cheese, pastries, salty and sweet groceries, pharmacy, drugstore, prepared meals, fruits and vegetables, jams, cosmetics, logistics ...

Suitable for all types of packages (open, closed, fragile, heavy, etc.), our palletizer adapts to all your palletizing constraints thanks to MG-Tech's expertise in terms of grippers and robotics.

Dedicated to continuous palletization of the production line, our palletizer is designed to handle the production of 1 or 2 juxtaposed lines, whether the productions are the same or different.

Key figures


Number of product arrivals


Palletization height


Maximum pallet dimensions

Product features

  • Type of palletization: columnar, crossed layers, with or without clearance, with cooling stack, with pallet overhang, etc.
  • Type of gripper: by vacuum, by grippers or by shovel
  • Package gripping: by unit, by row, by layer
  • Pallet management: manual or automatic with conveyors