Formeuse de caisses Flexbox MG Tech

Flexbox case former

The Flexbox case former is specific as it has 2 cardboard blanking stores. It is completely suitable for more specific uses such as:

  • simultaneous management of 2 printing of different boxes to be able to adapt production and orders in real time. This possibility is used a lot in the fruit and vegetable packing centers with the multitude of producers.
  • simultaneous management of 2 height dimensions of boxes to be able to produce the format most suited to the order in progress. This possibility is used a lot for order preparation because the case must adapt as closely as possible to the volume of the order.

The Flexbox case former is the ideal machine for medium speed productions and very small series.

It has been designed with the different options of MG-Tech case formers (informative light markers, steel or stainless-steel construction, customizable color, etc.) and the management of the boxes exit has been particularly studied. It can be done:

  • on a conveyor with a single track that can be installed either at the front, or to the right, or to the left of the machine; in this case the 2 references of boxes will be evacuated on the same corridor
  • on a conveyor with 2 tracks which allows the boxes to be evacuated either on the right and on the left, or on 2 lanes at the front.

Key figures

Formeuse de caisses Flexbox MG Tech

Loading height

2 stacks of 500

Capacity (cardboard)


Maximum speed

Product features

  • Type de magasin : vertical
  • Type de caisses : 4 coins collés, Prêt à vendre, Trottoirs, Dièdres