Ecobox tray former

Plug & play, modular & scalable

The Ecobox tray former is plug & play and perfectly scalable, thanks in particular to its modular cardboard magazine. The equipment can be supplemented with a “small capacity” magazine module (vertical magazine that can contain up to 600 mm of cardboard blanks) or a “large capacity” module (horizontal magazine with a maximum capacity of 1500 mm).

This major advantage allows manufacturers to adapt their Ecobox tray former according to the location of their production line, the desired production rate and the budget.

Another advantage is that this machine can be declined in 18 configurations: different possible layouts of the exit conveyor belt (at the front, on the right, on the left), handling of different types of boxes (4 corners glued, dihedral, cases with ledges) and 3 sizes of machines available (small - max 750 x 750 mm blanks, medium - max 1000 x 1000 mm blanks, large - max 1250 x 1000 mm blanks).

This Ecobox tray former perfectly meets the needs of the agrifood, industrial, pharma-cosmetics and logistics sectors.

Key figures


Loading height


Cardboard capacity (small version)


Cardboard capacity (large version)


Max production rate

Product features

  • Magazine type: vertical (small capacity version) or horizontal (large capacity version)
  • Case types: 4 corners glued cases, dihedral cases, cases with ledges