Easybox case former

Autonomous, ergonomic and evolutive.

The Easybox case former stands out for its simplicity and speed in changing format, its ability to shape any case architecture and its integration of different options: lifting conveyor belt with retainer, directional wheels with brakes, 25 kg glue storage hopper, large autonomy magazine of 1500 mm, 3-color light marker, sparkling glass, StackBox empty boxes stacker for single crates or StackBox + for crates with lids, etc.

The Easybox former is designed for packaging a variety of products: cheese, pastries, pastry, cured meats, groceries, pharmacy, drugstore, dairy, fruits and vegetables, seafood, jam, cosmetics, logistics ...


Key figures


Loading height


Capacity (cardboard)


Maximum speed

Product features

  • Magazine type: horizontal
  • Case types: 4 corners glued cases, shelf-ready trays, trays with ledge, stackable cases