Equipement pose bandeau/cavalier MG Tech - machine de sur-emballage


MG-Tech meets over-packaging needs by realizing automatic and specific machines, totally adapted to the customer needs. There are 2 ranges of overwrappers:

  • the wrapping machines which enables to completely or partially wrap one or more products from a flat cardboard blank,
  • the sheathing machine that allows you to decorate or gather one or more products from a pre-glued (jointed) strip.

The over-packaging is particularly adapted to plastic or glass pots, sealed or thermoformed trays, cheeses, batches...

This type of automatic and customized machines is perfectly adapted for many activities and in particular: dairy, cheese dairy, sweet and sweet grocery, cosmetics...

The strong point of MG-Tech for this type of realization is the control of customization with for example:

  • the possibility on the same machine to have several designs of over-packaging (complete wrap for some products and sheating for others),
  • the possibility to combine several functions within the same machine (sheating and packing).

With a robust and modern design, in steel construction or in stainless steel version, the MG-Tech over-packaging machines are designed with full height access doors at the front and at the back to facilitate user access.

Key figures

MG Tech over packaging machine - wrapping machine
20 to 200
per minute



Format changes (assisted)


Format change (full atomatic)

Product features

  • Wrap for pot grouping : multipacks
  • Communication wrap on tray : band or sheath
  • Pot grouping by the top: straddle