Encaisseuse side load MG Tech

Side load automatic case packer

Our side load case packer is a packaging machine allowing the side loading of a variety of products packed in RSC cases as well as cases opened on the side. This case packing machine, which is fully automated, is capable of handling products and grouping them into batches to load them into cases, at a production rate of up to 20 cases/minute. This solution is perfectly suited for the packing of a wide range of products (cases, boxes, trays, sachets, etc.) for all types of industries in the food and pharmaceutical-cosmetics sectors.

This side load case packer is ergonomic and easy to access for maintenance operations. It will allow you to improve your productivity, thanks in particular to the assisted or fully automatic format changeovers.

Encaisseuse side load MG Tech

Number of cases


Product rate



Features and benefits

Product features

  • Storage type: on side
  • Case types: RSC cases
  • Product types: cases, boxes, trays, sachets…


Side load case packer benefits

  • Ergonomics machine for loading cases (900 mm from the ground)
  • Handling and batching of products by programmable robots
  • Multiformat cases with assisted or fully automatic changeovers
  • Self-training of operators thanks to Punctual Lesson (optional)
  • Integration of robots for product handling

    With its very wide range of robots (Gantry, Delta from 2 to 5 axes, poly-articulated) MG-Tech provides all manufacturers with simple, compact, evolutive and fluid handling solutions.

    Designed to perform “Pick and Place” operations, each robot is equipped with interchangeable tools capable of performing numerous movements: translation, rotation, tilt, etc.

    This agility allows the different MG-Tech robots to adapt to all types of products and to easily store products in the boxes.

    The MG-Tech's wish to use robotic solutions as a priority for loading products into boxes make My Modulo case packers very evolutive to the products and cases of tomorrow.

    In addition, in its developments, MG-Tech has a global vision of end-of-line mechanization needs (batching, loading or unloading of products, on-packaging, etc.). The products and in particular the MG-Tech robots are thus completely adapted to all applications of your production lines.

  • Additional packing functions

    The side load packing operation can be supplemented with other features specific to your needs:


    • Product control (label presence, DLC, integrity, etc.)
    • Mixing to have several references in the same box
    • Batching