Equipement boite 3 volets MG Tech - machine de sur-emballage

Top Load boxes machine

An MG-Tech top load boxes machine is a cartoning solution that consists of 3 elements:

  • the shaping of boxes by hot melt gluing for lockage (box former)
  • the loading of the products in the boxes which can be manual (workstations) or automatic (robots)
  • the closing of the boxes (only in the case of boxes with lid)

The 3 elements are either grouped together within a single piece of equipment, which is then a combined top load unit with the advantages of saving space and a single control system, or separated into 3 distinct and independent modules with the advantage of being able to be deployed progressively according to market trends (firstly a former and closing machine, then an automatic boxing machine).

The MG-Tech top load boxes machine can pack many products such as fruits, flow packs, pots, sealed trays, compote bottles, coffee capsules, preserves...in a wide variety of activities: cosmetics, pharmacy and parapharmacy, dairy, cheese, sweet grocery, pet food, coffee, infusions...

The strong point of the MG-Tech top load boxes solution is the control of the changeover of cans format with 2 possible levels of automation: guided by the touch control terminal and controlled by sensors, or fully automatic in less than 2 minutes.

With a robust and modern design, in steel construction or in stainless steel version, the MG-Tech top load boxes machines are designed with full height access doors at the front and at the back to facilitate user access.

Key figures

Equipement boite 3 volets MG Tech - machine de sur-emballage
up to 120
per minute

Boxe speed

up to 60 boxes
per minute

Case former speed (per head)

up to 60 loadings
per minute



Format change (assisted)


Format change(full automatic)

Product features

  • Boxe type: ECMA group B
  • Loading type: manual station (1 to 4) or top load robots (1 to 3) 
  • Closing type: 1 to 3 flaps (hot melt glued or snapped-on)
  • Other features


    • Large autonomy with non-stop loading magazine for packs
    • 12’’ intuitive HMI screen 
    • Full height access doors at the front and at the back
    • Visualization of the operation by colored zone lighting
    • Guided or automatic format changes

    Customized design

    • Evolutive solution according to speed 
    • Number of heads for shaping: 1 or 2
    • Number and types of robots for case filling: 1 to 3
    • Number of manual stations: 1 to 4
    Equipement boite 3 volets MG Tech - machine de sur-emballage
  • Connected machine

    Very oriented 4.0 via OPCUA, the MG-Tech top load boxes machines are fully accessible, all the parameters of use, operation and maintenance are organized and available at all times. The optimization of production and technical operations is thus facilitated.

    • Additional functions

      The boxing operation can be completed by other functionalities specific to your needs:


      • Product control (labels, CSD, integrity…)
      • Mixing to have several references in the same pack or straddle
      • Notice deposit


      • Boxes identification (marking or labelling)
      • Boxes weighting (filling control)
      • Automatic case packing