Over-packaging machines

To meet the needs of its customers in terms of over-packaging, MG-Tech offers automatic and specific equipment that will perfectly adapt to the different constraints of the market. Among these over-packaging special machines, we find wrapping machines, sheating machines, boxes and cartoning machines.

Click on our solutions to learn more and make your choice according to the products you wish to overpack.

  • Overwrappers

    Among the over-packaging machines, MG-Tech range includes overwrappers (packing from flat cardboard blank) and sheating machines (to gather several products).
    Equipement pose bandeau/cavalier MG Tech - machine de sur-emballage

    Top Load boxes machine

    MG-Tech provides you a solution for boxes including shaping of the boxes, packing of products and closing of the boxes, the whole in one single unit or in separated machines.
    Equipement boite 3 volets MG Tech - machine de sur-emballage